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AP 818 

AP 818 is the Drill and Ceremonial regulation for the Royal Air Force Air Cadets.

AP 1358C 

Uniform Dress and Appearance regulations for the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. 

Cadet Medical Declaration Form - TG23

The TG23 form is a Medical Declaration Form required to be completed with the TG21 form when the Cadet has a medical condition. 

Cadet Consent Form - TG21

The TG21 Consent Form is the standard form required by many of the activities that members of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets take part in. If you have a medical condition a TG23 will be required also (see below.) 

ACP4 - Safeguarding and Protecting Children

Safeguarding and Protecting Children 

Flying Consent Form - AV Med 1

When Royal Air Force Air Cadets go flying a special consent form is required.